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5 Tips to keep the love flowing while “sheltered in place” thanks to Covid 19!

Most of us are hunkered down under the same roof for who knows how long. Many are saying in 9 months there will either be lots of babies or a lot of alimony. Maybe both. We don’t want you talking to the divorce lawyer so here are a few suggestions to help you stay together.

1. Find creative ways to connect with other couples. How about a virtual happy hour or dinner date? If you can’t physically be with other couples, use technology like Skype or Zoom to connect. Your friends are looking for something to do also.

2. If you’re both working from home. Remember you are working from home. Treat your day just like you’re in the office. Set up your workspace to make it conducive for work. If your spouse is working and you’re not, don’t be jealous of their job. Let them focus on their job during their work hours.

3. If you’re stuck in the house with the kids it’s still important to find ways to make each other feel special. It’s important that they know you prioritize the marriage and each other.

4. Should you be impacted financially don’t let it be a wedge in your relationship.   Work through your financial challenges as a team. Work together to determine the best ways to make ends meet and keep things going until we get through this. 

5. While practicing physical distancing with social intimacy.  That’s a nice way to say it.  Or you can just heed the words of Dr. Oz “The best solution if you’re holed with your significant other quarantined is have sex.” 

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