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  • Mike Watkins

There’s Always Room to Grow

“I made up my mind years ago When I first gazed upon you, I'd never let you go And it's amazing baby

How we loved each other so And we'll always be (always be) Always together”

Those were the words to our 1st dance 31 years ago this past week. The Dells classic continues…

“We'll have our problems But we'll face them with pride” … That part!

After 31 years of marriage, I’m here to say that there’s not a more accurate statement about ANY marriage, “We’ll have our problems.”  Every marriage endures problems.  Some are mole hills while others are more like Mount Kilimanjaro!  Yet what we have found through the collection of problems that we’ve faced is that each challenge helps you to grow.  Better stated, Grow or Die.

The fallacy for many of us is the thought that only we have problems in our marriage. Let me restate, every marriage has problems. So if you are facing problems in your marriage, trust me you are not alone. Adam & Eve, Abraham & Sarah, and yes even Barack & Michelle endured problems. The key to enduring a problem rest with what are you doing to grow from your problems? And there’s one key to growing from your problems… Trust God!

Yeah, I know, to simply say “Trust God” sounds easier said than done. And yes, sometimes it is. But trust me when I say if you Trust God through every situation in your marriage, He will help your marriage grow. When you are challenged by forces outside of your marriage… Trust God to fight your battles. When you are challenged by forces inside of your marriage… Trust God to fix it and heal the two of you. The more you trust in God, the more your marriage will grow. I double dog dare you (things you say after 31 years) to Trust God when your marriage faces a problem and watch how God grows your marriage. Every marriage has challenges, and every marriage has room to grow.

Mike Watkins Atlanta, GA



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