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  • Ga’Von & Tesha Harris

Are You Reading the Signs?

We're driving and the fuel gauge comes on. Typically, we pull over at the next exit to fill up. However, this time I figure we can keep driving because we are making great time and plus it's just an indicator that I should get gas soon. My wife is uncomfortable, and I am elated that traffic is moving faster than expected.

I am sure you are wondering the outcome.  What happened … “Did we run out of gas,” “make it to our destination on time,” “did we make it in one piece???”  What we can tell you is that the approach we took to addressing our different points of view on the matter was more important than the outcome.

Insert …. The HEART OF MARRIAGE RETREAT!!! For more than 10 years, we have attended the Heart of Marriage retreat learning methods and tools to keep our marriage running on this fast paced and complicated journey of life.

In keeping with the Car theme … sometimes our marriage needed to be vacuumed from clutter, other times we became cognizant of future or immediate repair. In all situations, the Heart of Marriage Retreat provided us the opportunity to take our marriage off the road and objectively make some assessments.

Whether you’ve been married 1-month or 50 years (Amen) … the Heart of Marriage Retreat is saturated with exemplary spirit led techniques for you on this covenanted journey.

We almost forgot to answer your original question … what happened with the fuel gauge situation? We exited off to get gas and made it to our destination ahead of our scheduled time.  “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD." (Prov 18:22) J

Ga’Von & Tesha Harris Atlanta, GA



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