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Why Throw In The Towel?

But what you have to realize is anything worth having is worth fighting for.  God never promised us life would be easy.  He said, however, in His Word that He will never leave or forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:8).  Remember, marriage is a covenant, a commitment before God.  If God died on the cross for our sins, why wouldn’t we extend that same mercy and grace to our spouse?  Why can’t we “die” to our selfish ways, lack of understanding/compromise, etc.?  It is in times like this when we must turn to our Bibles and ask God for the answer.  He will show us how to fight for our marriages if we earnestly seek Him.  Besides reading your Bible, praying with your spouse, and having regular date nights, another way to fight for your marriage is by attending the Heart of Marriage (HOM) Retreat.  Spending some one on one time with your spouse can do wonders for your marriage.  You not only get to focus on just the two of you during your weekend getaway, you also get to fellowship with likeminded couples, who are committed to making their marriages work as well!  (Hebrew 10:25)   Remember, marriage is not for your happiness.  It is for your holiness!  Once you find holiness (i.e. being more and more like Christ and having TRUE faith and dependence on Him to meet your EVERY need), the happiness will come!  So be encouraged! (Galatians 6: 9).



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