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We're Good.......Right?

HAVE WE SPENT ENOUGH TIME DEVELOPING THE WELLNESS OF OUR MARRIAGE?The revelation of this Christmas gift exchange serve as an annual reminder to recharge our batteries. After 13 years of marriage and an aligned mission of utilizing our union to create a Christian legacy, we have taken pride in our ability to work together to get all of the weekly tasks and commitments completed in our dual career household. In addition, we both have made time to become active in our church and other civic organizations. The Heart of Marriage Retreat has served as that venue that aids in our marriage jumpstart The 2015 Heart of Marriage Retreat will be held September 11-13th  in Stone Mountain, GA. At the retreat you will gain insight and learn practical steps that will strengthen and protect your marriage. Now is the time to “Walk into your Future with the Lord!” Click the link below to get registered today! Heart of Marriage Retreat Registration Rory and his wife Harrelyn will be leading the Married with Children workshop at the Heart of Marriage Retreat 2015. To learn more about this workshop click here. 

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