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Steady Love

How do you keep your love steady?  The pandemic kept us all locked down together and caused us to find ways to keep from killing each other 😊.  Hopefully for many of us the focus was how do we keep it together and keep our love steady.  We gathered some of our favorite couples and asked them what they do to keep their love steady.  Here’s what they shared:

Keep humor alive, be playful. When you see stress building up, defuse by walks, exercise, massages, or provide extra support where needed, then you can begin to reminisce about things you used to do...  George & Diane 42 years

Know your spouse’s Love Language and Intentionally practice speaking it. This keeps the focus on one another and keeps the door of communication open.  Ralph & Vivian 32 years

We take the time each day to reflect on each other's attributes, how they touch our hearts and enhance our daily lives.  We never forget why God chose us for each other. Vincent & Istrelda 41 years

When trying to keep our love steady, we try our best to have sex regularly and purchase conversation starter games (e.g., The un-game (Couples) or The Skin-Deep collection). These games help us with building intimacy, which helps with sex! This way both parties are happy!! Seth & Jessica 7 years

What we have done to maintain steady love through these times - 1. Increased our time before or with the Lord so we see what He sees in our spouse. 2. Consistently recognize and remind ourselves that each of us is a gift from Lord that is to be honored. John & Gail 40 years

To keep love steady in our marriage, we do these 3 things daily: 1. We pray together before leaving the house.  2. We verbally say ‘I Love You’ because it’s important to hear the words. 3. We hug & kiss even when we’re upset with each other.  Edwin & Greta 18 years

Before we were a couple…we were friends. We keep the love steady by being committed to spend time together in the evenings.  Whether sitting down to dinner together, sitting together while working on our laptops, watching a favorite TV show, taking a walk, or doing absolutely nothing.  We have learned that not only do we love each other, we really like each other. Our friendship has kept our love steady. George & Cynthea 27 years

To keep the love steady we never go to bed angry, and we always make time for each other. We put our “work” away, put the girls to bed after homework, and spend a little time just the two of us. It can be something simple like just watching TV together. Trennis & Tiffany 16 years

No matter how long you’ve been married, finding ways to keep the love flowing, keep the love fresh, and keep the love steady is critical.

Here’s one way you can keep your love steady… Join us Saturday June 12th for The Heart of Marriage Retreat Free Virtual Summer Workshop: “Steady Love” The Ingredient to Building a Strong Foundation

Now it’s your turn… Tell us how you keep love steady in your marriage.



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