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Something good is going to happen to you today

“Something good going to happen to you today!” This is the mantra our pastor has us repeat three times each Sunday. By the time I’m saying it for the third time, I really start to feel it. I’m saying it with more passion, and I begin to expect it to be true. Words have power!

My husband’s birthday was this week. Something good is bound to happen to him. This week I start a new position. That’s a good thing that’s happening to me. When I see 6:11 on a clock (AM or PM), I declare that that it will be a great day! The ironic thing is that every day has two 6:11’s, but I miss seeing some of them. My point is that every day can be a great day - a day in which we expect something good to happen. It’s all in what we say to ourselves. It’s in what we expect.

This power of positive thinking applies to all areas of our lives: work, home, family, marriage, self-care…. The list goes on and on. Our words and thoughts to ourselves and about ourselves have power. They bring life. Scripture says, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.” We must be intentional about what we say to ourselves…if we want something good to happen.

This is sometimes easier said than done. I found it is easier to apply to some areas of my life than others. For the rest of 2021, I am going to focus on looking for positive things in my marriage. My marriage is one area I easily take for granted. I don’t make it the priority that it should be. I find it sometimes I just don’t show my husband the love and appreciation he deserves. I can easily see the things that are not great about my marriage, but I’m going to focus on finding something good and celebrating the “good thing” daily for the rest of this year.

My challenge to you (and to me) is to choose a mantra and repeat it 3 times each morning. My mantra is, “Look for something good in my marriage and acknowledge it!” I’ve said it, now I will walk in expectation that something good is going to happen!

Sharon Brooks Atlanta, GA

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