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Quit Playing and Do Something

Over the last several weeks, my wife, Gail has been consistently and intently watching and listening to Bishop Jakes. Whatever Bishop Jakes was sharing, it touched her in very special and impactful way. See, Gail shared with me daily what she heard and how it impacted her. Each day during those weeks, I began to hear what she heard. The common “themes” were “praise,” “wisdom and discernment,” and “keep moving forward.” Because of these shared “themes,” I recommit myself to work with Gail to build a marriage that lasts. A few of our building blocks (i.e., foundation) in building our marriage to last are (a) our continued praise to the Lord for our relationship, (b) pray the Lord’s wisdom and discernment on us to work to together, and (c) the Lord’s strength to keep moving forward despite the challenges.

What are your “building blocks?" Do you have any building blocks? I know each of you together want to build your marriage to last. In these times, doing nothing to build your marriage is not an option. Nothing is built until something is done. So, quit playing and do something!

Please join Gail and me at the 2021 Heart of Marriage Virtual Retreat on September 17th and 18th. Let’s receive, share and remind ourselves that our marriages can be built to last. We will see you soon.

John Mapp Atlanta, GA

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