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5 Signs Your Marriage Is Prospering

  1. When you face an obstacle, you do it as a team and the thought of turning against each other, placing blame, or wanting your spouse to deal with it on their own never enters occurs to either of you.

  2. When facing a challenge, the two of you refer to a previous challenge that you have faced and acknowledge that if we got through it then, God will get us through this time.

  3. Both you and your spouse have a healthy approach to “celebrating” your marriage through the gift of sex that God has given married couples.

  4. You are more interested in doing something for your spouse than having them do something for you.

  5. You just like each other! Sound like your marriage? If so that’ great. Reply to this blog and tell us about how you are ProspeRING. If your marriage is not there yet, why don’t you take the first step. Join a couples group at your church or in your community. Read together one of the many marriage enrichment books (like The 7 Rings of Marriage). Reach out to a marriage counselor (we can introduce you to some). And by all means, join us for the Heart of Marriage Retreat September 14 – 16 in Peachtree City Georgia. Your marriage will never be the same!



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