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Dr. Ira & Karen Robinson


Dr. Ira & Karen Robinson

Karen is a native of Jamaica. Ira was raised in Washington DC. Karen received her Masters of Business Administration from Florida A&M university.  Ira received his BS at Florida A&M University in Pharmacy. He worked as a pharmacist for five years before going to Meharry Medical College.

September 12, 1998 Ira and Karen joined hands in matrimony, dedicating their marriage to Christ!  Four months later, they joined the marriage ministry at World Changers Church International to fulfill their destiny with a common purpose of helping people to experience healthy, godly marriages!

While they have been a member of the marriage ministry for nearly 24 years, the Robinsons have served as directors of this ministry for the past thirteen years. Ira and Karen also possess certificates in Christian Lay Counseling.

The Robinsons own two businesses. The first is Med-South Primary Care, a medical practice where Ira serves as the physician and Karen as the business manager. The second is a real estate company, Five Talents Investment Group. They were blessed with two extraordinary, healthy, wonderful children, Ira III (22) and Kira (21).

Ira and Karen are the first to say that they nor their marriage is perfect, but are always pursuing perfection in Christ.  Their relationship continues to flourish. Their love for one another is stronger than ever!  Ira and Karen credit using the word of God as the final authority in their lives for their success.  Their desire is for all to live life to the fullest, as that is God's will!

Dr. Ira & Karen Robinson
Directors, Marriage Ministry
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