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  • Mike Watkins

Springtime Love Is In The Air... Or Is It Pollen

Ah, springtime - the season of blooming flowers, chirping birds, and there's a palpable sense of romance in the air. Springtime whispers promises of new beginnings, much like the vows exchanged in marriage. But beneath the surface of this idyllic season lies a truth often overlooked: the presence of pollen, symbolizing the challenges that even the most loving of relationships must face. Just as the beauty of spring flowers is made possible because of pollen, the strength and resilience of marriage are forged through overcoming obstacles together.

Challenges in Marriage:

  • Communication: As we say, Life be Lifin’! And when that happens, the result is that couples often struggle to communicate effectively. Simple misunderstandings can escalate into heated arguments if we don’t deal with them swiftly. For instance, one partner may feel neglected because the other fails to express appreciation for their efforts, leading to feelings of resentment.

  • Financial Strain: Money matters can put a strain on even the happiest of marriages. Differing spending habits or financial goals can lead to tension and disagreements. For example, in many marriages one spouse is a spender, and the other is a saver. That can lead to disagreements over how to allocate the household budget can cause stress and strain the relationship.

  • Balancing Work and Family Life: Juggling career demands and family responsibilities is a common challenge for many couples. Long work hours or frequent business trips can leave one partner feeling neglected, while the other may feel overwhelmed by household duties. This imbalance can create friction and resentment within the marriage.

  • Intimacy Issues: Over time, physical intimacy in a marriage can wane due to various factors such as stress, health issues, or changes in libido. This lack of physical and emotional connection can lead to feelings of loneliness and dissatisfaction. For instance, a couple may struggle to find time for intimacy with a busy family and work schedule. Before you realize it, you could be dealing with feelings of emotional distance.

  • External Influences: Outside factors such as meddling in-laws, trying to keep up with what we see in social media, or friendships can impact the dynamics of a marriage. Conflicting advice or interference from family members or unmarried friends can strain the relationship and create tension in your marriage.


Despite the challenges presented by pollen, spring flowers continue to bloom, painting the world with vibrant colors and sweet fragrances. Similarly, despite the obstacles encountered in marriage, love can flourish and grow stronger with each passing season. By fostering open communication, addressing financial concerns, finding a balance between work and family life, nurturing intimacy, and protecting their bond from outside influences, couples can weather any storm together. So, as we embrace the joys of springtime love, let's also acknowledge the pollen, for it's the challenges that make our relationships resilient and our love enduring.



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