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  • Martez & Woodrina Layton

3 Tips to Deepen the Emotional Connection in Your Relationship

We all desire a relationship that brings us a deeper connection, good feelings, laughter, and a sense of security. Having an emotional connection is a key to a healthy, long-lasting marriage. However, sometimes as we continue to grow in our love, there are a few simple things that we forget to do and give to one another. Some of those simple things consist of heartfelt conversations, avoiding unnecessary stress, and showing appreciation & acknowledgment to one another.

Have Heartfelt Genuine Conversations

Regardless of the challenges that you may face in your relationship, there are many times to show genuine heartfelt compassion towards your spouse. Make a commitment to refuse to have self-centered conversations, but rather engaging conversations about the joys, wins, highs and lows that your spouse may be willing to share. Keep in mind that everyone has a story, so without being judgmental simply engage with one another from a place of love. Here are a few questions to ask one another - “Is there an area of your life where I can be more supportive?" “What is one of your goals for this year?" “If there is one thing I could do daily to bring a smile to your face, what would it be?” Keep in mind that every solution to a problem or deeper connection in a relationship begins with a question.

Avoid Unnecessary Stress, Pressure and Manipulation

We carry a lot of our stress and the stress of those whom we love on our own backs and shoulders. Many times, in our relationships, whether intentional or unintentional, we place a lot of stress and pressure on ourselves and the ones we love. However, we want to encourage you to make a commitment to yourself to not take on too much or commit to something that you know you may not be able to follow through to completion. Even if you believe that you can do it but know that it will cause added stress to your life; do not commit to do it.

Love is about appreciation and sharing. Many people in a relationship feel the need to manipulate due to stress or pressure. We believe that this is due to a lack of transparency and honesty. Stress and pressure are your signs that you are doing something that requires assistance outside of yourself, or you are trying too hard to please someone else, or you are operating outside of your boundaries. Make a commitment to yourself to focus on avoiding stress, pressure, and manipulation by being open and honest with yourself and with your spouse. Remember, you are in a relationship, which means you have a partner, and you are a team.

Show Appreciation and Acknowledge One Another

One of the most important ways to show your spouse that you care and appreciate them is by simply letting them hear you say it and by showing them that you appreciate them. You will be surprised how a simple hug and acknowledging what your spouse means to you can do to their heart. Remind your spouse about some of the things they have said or done that meant a lot to you. Acknowledge how much value they add to your life and how much your life has benefited by having them as your partner.

Remember, healthy marriages do not happen by chance, they happen by choice so as you embark on this journey to deepen your emotional connection, remember that small gestures can have a profound impact. Whether it’s holding hands, sharing heartfelt conversations, or simply spending quality time together, each effort strengthens the unique bond that you share. By nurturing your emotional connection, you are laying the groundwork for a relationship that flourishes with grace, understanding, trust, and transparency.

Coaches Martez Layton, CPC & Woodrina Layton, LPC, NCC Dream Builders Marriage Coaching & Counseling

Atlanta, GA



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