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Martez & Woodrina Layton


Martez & Woodrina Layton

Martez a Certified Professional Life & Marriage Coach and Woodrina Layton a Licensed Professional Counselor, founders of Dream Builders Marriage Coaching & Counseling, are renowned speakers, authors and relationship coaches, and counselor specializing in premarital counseling, affair recovery and marriage & relationship coaching.

The Laytons have more than 20 years of experience advising aisle-bound couples how to step into healthy marriages. This power couple also has decades of expertise in helping individuals in crisis fortify weakening relationships and mend broken bonds.

These renowned relationship experts share more than 31 years of marriage and have had their expertise and story featured on the OWN Network and popular Christian talk show, The 700 Club, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sister Circle, Good Day Atlanta, Good Day DC, Great Morning Washington and several other media outlets. They have also counseled celebrity couples in and outside the Greater Atlanta area.

Founders of the successful Married 4 Life Walk marriage movement, an annual 2- mile walk that has drawn in over 2,000 participants all dedicated to re-commitment, re-connection, and fortification, Martez and Woodrina are also best-selling authors of A Blessed Affair: be careful what you curse your curse could be your blessing, their personal story of how infidelity turned out to be a blessing within their marriage.

Coach Martez’s prophetic insight into the deeply seeded roots of marital problems has helped hundreds of couples break away from unhealthy patterns, patch up broken hearts and get back on the road after being misguided and lost.

As a United States Navy veteran who grew up without a father figure, he offers a unique perspective on the masculine mind that allows him to see straight into the heart to reignite the flames of personal purpose and passion.

Woodrina’s years as a licensed professional counselor combined with her triumphs in overcoming marital infidelity has afforded her the 411 from the feminine point of view. Couples nationwide sing praises about her ability to help women not only bridge the gap between pain and forgiveness but also to gain a deeper understanding of how to connect and communicate with their partners spiritually.

Together, coaches Martez and Woodrina are continuing to deliver the prescription for healthy marriages. Whether mending hearts or clearing out emotional baggage, Martez and Woodrina can help you and your partner finally build the relationship of your dreams. Martez and Woodrina reside in the Greater Atlanta area with their two adult children.

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