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George and Brandi Gamble


George and Brandi Gamble

George and Brandi Gamble, married for 20 years this July 26th, are dedicated members of Ben Hill United Methodist Church, where they have faithfully dedicated their time and talents individually and jointly as Vision Area Co-Lay Leaders for Family Ministries. Both graduates of the Atlanta University Center with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Business Administration (George in Marketing, Brandi in Finance), have transitioned from executive roles at top companies to successful entrepreneurs.

George, as CEO of Powerhouse Energy 360, leads a Full-Service engineering, design, and build firm focused on Solar, Battery Storage, and Electric Vehicle charging installations. Through partnerships with municipalities and automotive giants like Stellantis and Cox Automotive, he is making an impact in the clean energy sector.

Brandi, originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, drew inspiration from George to venture into entrepreneurship in 2017.  She created MoneySMART, a Financial Education Platform that empowers her clients to make smarter money choices.  In an industry where women are underserved and underrepresented, Brandi serves as the managing partner of Secure Wealth Builders, where she not only runs a successful Financial Services agency but also trains other professional women and men nationwide on how to establish thriving financial businesses.  Additionally, Brandi is a founding member of The Exit Strategy, a collaboration with four other financial professionals known as The Exit Strategists.  Together, they create a supportive environment for women to share experiences, gain relevant financial knowledge, and develop practical financial game plans. Their first collaborative book, "Design Your Wealth Mindset," will be available on in August 2023.

George and Brandi, parents of six children, embody their commitment to family and faith. Following the scripture from Joshua 24:15, they prioritize serving the Lord in all aspects of their lives. Their journey serves as an inspiration, combining personal, professional, and spiritual growth while making positive contributions to their community.

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