No More Drama

By Pat Ashley

Harmony neutralizes drama.  Drama was not in God’s plan for marriage or humanity.  God has always wanted us to live in total harmony with Him.  Because of Jesus’ sacrifice, we can now experience harmony.  In God’s mind and in God’s heart, harmony was to be fourfold:

First: Harmony with God (communion) — Because of the blood of Jesus we can now enjoy an intimate relationship with God.

Second: Harmony with yourself (completion) — When we experience the forgiveness of our sins we are free of guilt and shame.  Then, we can live in the fullness of who we are and why we were created.

Third: Harmony with others (fellowship) — We can only give to others what we experience ourselves.

Fourth: Harmony with the earth (purpose) — As a result of being in fellowship with God and at peace with ourselves, we are then able to understand our mission here on earth.

To have this harmony, we must obey God. To the degree that we obey God, is to the degree that we will experience harmony and peace.  To the degree that we disobey God, is to the degree that we will experience disharmony and loss of peace.