Ken and Myra McKnight

My husband and I  are the first to tell you that we are not a perfect couple. But, we make a priority to work on our marriage relationship daily. It is very important that as a couple we keep the outside elements out to keep our relationship growing in a healthy space. Some say that this is just too much work, however when you are blessed of GOD to have someone that you truly love and you realize that they have your back on this journey it becomes what I call “fun work”. We are supporters of the 5 Love Languages that we practice in our relationship. But, let me warn you, don’t think that is all you have to do, you must also bring your own personal swag to connect with your partner, listen, communicate, and encourage, but most of all we tell our couples as well as those seeking a healthy relationship to have some fun. Laugh, get silly, playful, be spontaneous, sexy and show your partner that you are excited to be with them. Every relationship has it own dynamics, therefore, you and your partner have to find the click that does it for you. When you find it you will truly experience love from a different level no matter how long you have been together. For nearly a decade we have enjoyed meeting and encouraging couples into a healthy relationship without using the blame game but the commitment of ownership, love and respect for their partner and the institution of marriage. We have interviewed over 1,000 men and women about their thoughts on relationships in our community and BOBT is praying to build a closer relationship with the church community for “Real Talk” forums to discuss ways to strengthen the families and their household relationships for a brighter future.

Education & Credentials:

Certifications: Master Relationship Coach/ Educator, Certified Facilitator & Seminar Director Prepare-Enrich, Certified Marriage Educator, Certified Family Life Educator: National Marriage Center in Association with National Premarital Institute. ARISE Youth Coach-Evidence Based

Bethune-Cookman Alumni

Webster University Alumni