Heart of Marriage Retreat 2017
September 15-17
Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort

The Best is Yet to Come

What is the Heart of Marriage Retreat?

Anticipation… Rejuvenation… Relaxation… Revitalization… Fun… Hard Work…  All phrases that describe the Heart of Marriage Retreat.

For the past 10 years couples have flocked to this annual marriage enrichment weekend for a myriad of reasons.  Some come to fix what is broken.  Others come to celebrate being in a lasting, loving relationship.  Some come for a weekend around other happy married folk.  And then there are those couples who just need a break.  Whatever your reason for attending, what you will find is a group of couples embracing the notion that regardless of where we are in our marriage, The Best Is Yet To Come.

The Heart of Marriage Retreat will deliver World Class coaching from dynamic facilitators, and an environment that is singularly focused on equipping you and your spouse with the tools that you need to achieve a successful married life together.  No matter what state your marriage is currently experiencing: from wedded bliss to utter despair, get ready because The Best Is Yet To Come!  Join us!

What is included

The Heart of Marriage retreat is a weekend that includes: workshops, general sessions, Q&A, Saturday evening Date Night, Sunday worship service.  You’ll learn from our wonderful facilitators and each other.  You’ll have an opportunity to work on those areas of your marriage that need improvement as well as making those things that are moving in the right direction even better.

Couples attend from all over the United States and represent every season of life.  Couples range in age from the 20’s to the 70’s and more.  With couples married for just a week to couples married 40+ years, there’s something for every couple at the Heart of Marriage Retreat.

Retreat Fees

Registration Fee is $375

Registration includes:

  • All retreat materials
  • Friday night reception
  • Saturday morning breakfast
  • Saturday lunch buffet
  • Sunday continental breakfast and brunch following worship service.

Payment is due at time of registration.

Payment plan available with minimum non-refundable down payment of $50.

Hotel Reservations

This retreat will be held at the Marriott Evergreen Conference Center in Stone Mountain, GA. Retreat participants will receive the special rate of $114 per night.   Click to book your room or call 770-879-9900.



Workshop Session Descriptions

Intergenerational Group Discussion 
Couples are grouped together across generations for an open lively discussion on the marriage vows and how they move from promise to practice.  An opportunity for couples to make new friends, learn from each other and laugh with each other as they come up with the best solution to real-life situations where the vows must be lived.

Seasons of Marriage Panel Discussion
In marriage, as in life, there is a season for everything.  Couples of all ages from all seasons, from the early years to empty nesters and points in between, answer questions on how they have maneuvered their way through good times and bad, through successes and failures, through celebrations and through disappointments.  Hear their stories, the lessons they have learned and the advice they share as they report from the middle of, or on the other side of, the season.

Communication – Tanya & Kevin Murphy
God tailored each of our personalities in intricately unique detail.  The more we understand and appreciate each other’s uniqueness, the better we can communicate effectively.  In this session couples will take an assessment to learn how they and their spouse are intricately wired.  Then they will learn to evaluate themselves, ask and answer questions, give input and, with a little guidance, come to their own solutions for their individual communications issues.

Conflict Resolution – Kendall & Myra McKnight
Conflict is inevitable.  It happens in every relationship.  No one is immune.  In this session couples will learn to distinguish between disagreements and conflicts.  The facilitators will guide the couples in navigating the landmines of conflict to reach a resolution through open, honest communication and change in attitudes and behaviors.  For a lasting effect, couples will learn how to set boundaries and rebuild the trust that is often eroded by ongoing conflicts.

Couples’ Prayer – Terri Lemons
What happens when couples pray?  Couples who pray together have found that as they draw closer to God, they draw closer to each other.  Prayer strengthens marriages in multiple ways. In fact, couples who regularly pray together say they feel more connected and are better able to work through difficult issues. The session provides a blueprint for couples to pray for and with each other.

Financial Literacy – Aaron Jones
This session will focus on the basic skills and strategies that promote personal and marital financial responsibility.  Topics covered will include management of cash flow (budgeting); establishing and managing credit; core components and risks of investing; responsible borrowing; risk management (life, health, liability insurance), the challenges and opportunities of marrying finances, as well as other topics of interest.

Forgiveness and Reconciliation – Bernard Kynes
This session will focus on essential elements that enable couples to forgive and reconcile.   Topics include self-forgiveness; the difference between cheap forgiveness and genuine forgiveness; understanding when an offense (intentional or unintentional) has caused suffering; the importance of healing in a way that acknowledges when someone has been wronged in the relationship; the participation of both parties in the reconciliation; and the difference between getting over it versus the more optimal moving through it.  Couples will learn how to achieve reconciliation in a constructive, not destructive, way with listening, empathy, compassion, honesty with oneself and with the other.

Let’s Talk About Sex – Stefanie Hughes
Explore the latest tips, techniques and toys to spice up your bedroom. You and your spouse can ask questions and gather information about sex and physical intimacy in a tasteful yet open forum.

WARNING:  This session will have language and activities centered around sex. Those who are private or sensitive should take this into consideration.   You are welcome to schedule a private session with Stefanie for a future date.  You may also visit her Sassy Sisters store located in the Heather Room.

Sex and Intimacy – The Fullness of Connection – Stefanie Hughes
It starts with a smile that washes over his face when he first sees her at the homecoming game.  Then comes the discovery that they both have a love of football and scary movies.  It progresses to sharing deep secrets and sharing physical intimacy, and beyond.  Intimacy is not an act, it’s a process–a growing of couples into oneness.   In this session, couples will learn the different levels of intimacy and the importance of all the levels in experiencing that “fullness of connection” with your spouse.


The weekend also includes:

A Panel Discussion

Private Counseling Sessions

Date Night “Saturday Night Live” ~ Caricatures by Tony

Recommitment Ceremony


2016 Date Night Fun